Hans Hofner's Landing Page

I'm a web and software developer based in Japan currently employed at MonstarLab. I work primarily with Vue, Nest and Next.js. For personal projects, I've been experimenting with Phoenix Elixir, Bun & Elysia and Swift.

Development Style

I'm a versatile and curious developer, willing to learn any language, framework or technology. I believe in the power of fundamentals, simplicity and pragmatism. I'm always looking for new challenges and opportunities to learn and grow.


Feel free to contact me at sebahofner[at-mark][dot]com, or take a look at my personal projects down below.

Personal Projects



A personal, local first, ChatGPT web client. Built with Vue, Vite and tailwind. The application went through many design iterations. While it has a few missing features, it's stable and usable, and it's what I use day to day.



My first Sublime Text theme based off of Anthony Fu's VSCode Theme, "Vitesse".